Need help? Want to collaborate?

As tech advisor & innovation enthusiast I can help you with:

  • Tech Strategy (& Digital Business Models)
  • Concepting & Architecture
  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Hands-ons Development (Coding is fun!)

The Focus lies on helping startups getting from 0 to 1 and grown ups from 1 to 10. Happy to help bigger orgs too. More general I love building lean products and architecting distributed & scaling systems.


Let me ottomate your world 🙂

In more detail

Builder, Thinker & Communicator
with Passion for Innovation and Systems theory.

As a builder my typical roles involve tech leadership, software architecture and fullstack. My love for designing solutions and technical excellence is combined with a strong bias for action. I have a track record of bringing ideas from 1 to 0 and scaling existing solutions to a global scale.

As a thinker I' m your sparring partner. Next to technical perspective I also offer strong product and business sense. My experience ranges from many early stage and later stage projects I love to help conceptualize innovative digital solutions and evaluate business ideas and models.

As a communicator I build bridges and enable understanding between different groups: Collaboration between startups and big organizations. Between tech pros themselves or the evergreen triangle: between business, product and tech.

I thrive in high-paced and exploratory environments. They say I'm an inspiring leader and I love helping people to grow as much as growing myself.

Otto von Wesendonk
Ottomation GmbH
Berlin, Germany